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- May 20 2022

  1. Applied major changes

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A collection of amazing HTML tutorials and themes that you may be like.

[New] How to add neumorphism contact form in Blogger

Hello everyone, Welcome to Advanced Coder! Nowadays you might be finding the best contact form for Blogger that was beautiful, attractive, smooth, ne…

[New] How to add Double click to copy code in Blogger

Hello friends, Welcome to our blog. Nowadays you might be seen websites use double click to copy code functions. You might be thinking about how to a…

[New] How to add cookie consent in Blogger

Hello, friends! Welcome to our blog. Nowadays you might be seen the websites using cookie consent and you also might be thinking about how to add c…

[New] How to add stylish About page in Blogger for free with CSS and JAVASCRIPT

Hello friends, Welcome to our blog. You might be thinking about how to make yours about page stylish. So we published a tutorial for you about how t…

[New] How to Add Related posts on Blogger blog post

Hello Guys,  Welcome to our blog. On many websites , you might be seen related posts under the posts and you might be thinking about how to add relat…

[NEW] How to Add Recent Comments Widget in Blogger

Hello, friends welcome to our blog . You might be seen many websites using the recent comment widget on the sidebar. You might also think about how t…

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