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[NEW] How to Add Recent Comments Widget in Blogger

You might also think about how they add a recent comments widget. So we published a tutorial about how to add a recent comments widget in Blogger.

Hello, friends welcome to our blog. You might be seen many websites using the recent comment widget on the sidebar. You might also think about how they add a recent comments widget. So we published a tutorial about how to add a recent comments widget in Blogger. So without wasting any time let's check.

First of all, I like to give some information about the recent comments widget!

How does the recent comments widget work?

It will show recently published comments on your website where you added this recent comment widget to your Blogger website.

Do you want to add recent comments widgets?

In my opinion, I will tell yes because when we add a recent comments widget then your website visitors will see the recently published comments and they might comment on your blog to show his comment on the recent comments widget and your website impression will also increase like this.

What all need to check before adding a recent comments widget?

Before adding the recent comments widget on your Blogger website you want to check this thing in setting check if your website is public and check Allow Blog feed is set to full.

How to add a recent comments widget in Blogger?

Copy this code and add it anywhere in the layout by clicking HTML/Javascript gadget and paste this code 
<style type="text/css" scoped> 
<!-- Code by Advanced Coder -->
.ac_recent li{background:#0000;margin:0 0 6px!important;padding:3px  
!important;display:block;clear:both;overflow:hidden;list-style:none; border: 1px solid transparent;
border-radius:5px; max-height: 100px;} 
.ac_recent li:hover{background:#fff;border: 1px solid ;}
.ac_recent a {text-decoration:none; color: }
.avatarImage{padding:3px;float:left;margin:0 6px 0 0;position:relative;overflow:hidden;} 
.ac_recent li span{margin-top:4px;color: #444;display: block;font-size: 12px;line-height: 1.4;} 
.darkMode .ac_recent li{background:#252526;border-color:}
.darkMode .ac_recent a{color:}
.darkMode .ac_recent li span {color:}
<script type="text/javascript">
 numComments  = 5, 
 showAvatar  = true,
 avatarSize  = 35,
 roundAvatar = true,
 characters  = 40,
 defaultAvatar  = "",
 hideCredits = False;
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/feeds/comments/default?alt=json&amp;callback=ac_recent&amp;&amp;max-results=50">
After adding the code save the gadget.

This way you can add a recent comments widget in Blogger!

Last words

Hope this article will helpful to you. If you have any doubts related to this article ask me in the comment. Thanks for visiting our site!

Have a nice day!
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