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Plus UI V2.6.1 Blogger Template Review

Plus UI is one of the top-tier blogger templates being used right now that is also lightning-fast, clean, and most advanced with particular features f

Plus UI is one of the top-tier blogger templates being used right now that is also lightning-fast, clean, and most advanced with particular features for AdSense and SEO. Everyone will admire the fantastic and unique dashboard UI layout of the Plus UI Blogger template.

Plus UI Blogger Template

Today's top online index, Plus UI, provides a user-friendly, vastly improved, AdSense-friendly, ideal, most prominent with unique features, and blazingly quick top-tier blogger format. The Plus UI Blogger theme's dashboard UI concept is so distinctive and alluring that everyone will appreciate it.

Although it has an overwhelming degree of clarity, the layout's simplified style is a benefit. Additionally, a dashboard was considered when designing the user interface, and this design is more strongly supported when used for data writes. Users of the menu display can select from a range of layouts, such as three-part designs with a major section devoted to the route menu and possibly a small selection.

DeoKumar created the Plus UI New Blogger Template with the help of Imagz and the Median UI Blogger Template. The Plus UI idea also features the footer from the Fletro Pro template. It also includes a Median UI dashboard or an IMagz landing page.

IMagz, Median UI, and Fletro Pro by Jagodesain may all be combined to create Plus UI, in a nutshell.

Small Plus UI Description 

Template NamePlus UI
DeveloperFineshop Designs
AuthorDeo Kumar
PriceRs. 699
Free VersionNot Available

Features of Plus UI

Mobile ResponsiveYes
Schema MarkupYes
SEO FriendlyYes
Ads ReadyYes
Fast LoadingYes
New Featured PostYes
Shortcode SupportNo
Auto Read More With ThumbnailYes
Error 404Yes
Responsive FooterYes
Social Follow ButtonYes
Multi Drop DownYes
Search WidgetYes
Related Posts With ThumbnailYes
Social Share ButtonYes
Email News Letter WidgetYes
Recent Post WidgetYes
Detailed DocumentationYes
Best Responsive Menu And LayoutYes

Plus UI is free or paid?

There isn't currently a free version of Plus UI, but if you pay once, you'll always get free updates. Please thoroughly examine the demo as per Fineshop's policy, as they do not issue refunds. This Blogger template cannot be sold again because it was explicitly forbidden by the Fineshop design to do so.
Check it's

Plus UI v2.6.1 features -

  • Realtime Views:- Realtime Views Counter on their posts
  • Maintenance Mode:- If Maintenance Mode is Turned On, the viewers will not be able to access your site until the time you set so you can make changes on your Blog.It will not appear whenever an admin of your Blog visits.
  • Quick Edit:- Whenever an admin visits the Blog, an Edit button will appear, through which they can be redirected to Blogger Page / Post Edit. They can also backup the Blog Contents and many more.Buttons will appear desides the comments so admins can click on them to delete any unwanted comment.
  • Bookmark Posts:-This Add-on will allow visitors to save / bookmark posts so they can read it later. 
  • System Default Mode:-If System Default is selected by users, the mode i.e. Light / Dark, will automatically switch as per the Device Color Scheme.
  • Theme Color:-Let your visitors choose their favourite Theme Color for your Blog. You can set Any of color You want.
  • Music Player:-Looking for Music Player for your Blogger blog? Plus UI v2.6 comes with Music Player, with this you can play your audio files, i.e. MP3....
  • Countdown Download Box:-If you are providing any file on your Website to download, this Download Box will be helpful for you....
  • Anti Ad-Blocker:- to increase your ad Money..
  • Cookie Consent:- To get consent from users about cookies...
  • Country Block:- Block specific country users from accessing your site.
  • No Internet Connection:- Notify users when their internet connection lost .
  • Force Javascript:- Helps you to serve ads and content seamlessly.
  • Google Translate:- multilingual support.
  • Safelink :- Increase your Post views and earn more Money.
  • Article Rating :- user can Rate the Post.

Highlighted Features

Fast loading

A quicker-loading Blogger template is this Plus Ui template. This blogger template earns 90+ marks from Google Insights. And while this Plus Ui Blogger template has 100 points on Google Insight, you cannot place advertisements on it.

Book Mark Feature

The bookmark function makes it easier to temporarily choose a few posts on one page of your website. As a result, this function aids in collecting certain important post links on the bookmark page.


With the use of the Safelink function, you can reroute your link to some of the pages, such as the Download page. With the help of this function, your users will see more adverts and stay on your website longer.

Plus UI V1.6 is Completely SEO Friendly :-

Additionally, the UI V1.6 blogger template is fully search engine optimised. This Plus UI V1.6 blogger template also includes all the meta descriptions and other SEO tasks. Any website would be merely HTML without the stoner, and it could not be deemed valuable. As a result, the Plus UI V1.6 blogger template has been fully optimised for the best search results.

Plus UI is a Fully Customizable :-

The Blogging layout area allows for editing the Plus UI V2.6 blogger template. Additionally, the blogger theme customization process makes it simple to adjust the colours in this Plus UI V2.6 template. Additionally, this template's totem and menu specifics can be easily altered. A number of customization options are available with the Plus UI V2.6 Blogger Template, and they may be used without changing any HTML code.

Plus UI pricing is it worth it?

You must be very certain that the best blogger template for blogging is worth the expense. The greatest blogger template for content development, hopefully, is plus UI v2.6. For $20 (USD), you may purchase a lifetime subscription that comes with updates and customer support.
Additionally, a membership to the Ui blogger template is less expensive than most other paid or premium blogger themes, therefore the cost is justified.

Buy Now!

  1. Custom Footer Credits
  2. One Time Payment
  3. Single Blog License
  4. 1 Month Premium Support

*Purchases can be made using Paypal, UPI or PayTM.


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